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          LET'S BE HONEST: With but a handful of exceptions, our current American culture is stale. Trite. At times outright boring. Perhaps even dying. And that languor has infected our publishing industry.

Too often now, publishers are unwilling to take a chance on a new voice, and would rather churn out re-treads and vapid autobiographies by celebrities and politicians than invest in expressive, honest LITERATURE.  

That's where I come in. In my fiction writings I try to follow the example of my homeboy William Butler Yeats, kindling "fire in the head" of my readers. I seek nothing less than...


 To free my readers from the dull tedium of our everyday existence, challenging us to look beyond all we have been taught is real.

To inspire us to once again DREAM, rousing us to man the wheel and voyage across the fear-provoking seas of Time and Chaos.

To embark upon a quest to find the timeless truths of our shared humanity. 

The Journey is poised to begin. We set sail for worlds beyond the farthest stars and within the very marrow of our bones. Adventure and discovery await.


Will you be joining us?

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