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A RUMOR OF EVIL is an 84,000-word paranormal dark academia novel of suspense. In what stands as a bold departure from his non-fiction career, author James A. Craig is presently seeking agent representation for this, his first full work of fiction.


Inspector George Glover has no time for flights of fancy as he delves into crimes amid the murky gaslit jilt-shops of Victorian-era Boston. Yet one night he is summoned to investigate the bizarre disappearance of one Dr. Petrus Romanus and comes upon the journal of Hiram Poole, Harvard undergrad and apprentice necromancer to the missing doctor.


Within this slim leather-bound volume, the tale of a young man beguiled by a world where levitation, shape-shifting, and raising the dead comes alive. But Inspector Glover also uncovers a darker account: that of an apprentice whose master has virtually imprisoned Hiram within his mansion, forcing him to labor towards unearthing the secrets of a mystifying “nectar of deathlessness.” With every witness Glover interviews and every page he turns, the Inspector is increasingly confronted with a career-defining choice: either write the whole thing off as an outlandish prank... Or declare it to be true. And the implications of that choice are too terrible to behold.

~Promotional video for A Rumor of Evil designed by CMO Photography Studios, Medford, MA (

 James A Craig Author Curator Lecturer - wwwjamesacraigcom

A museum curator and fine art historian by trade, James A. Craig's award-winning writings have been featured in The New York Times and on PBS.


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